Doyenz rCloud Agent for VMware vSphere™

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for Virtual Environments

Doyenz provides an innovative cloud platform that meets the business continuity needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Doyenz rCloud is the only cloud recovery solution that replicates and recovers VMware vSphere production environments for the SMB.

With rCloud, you can restore entire vSphere production installations simultaneously, recovering single virtual servers in as little as 15 minutes. Through rCloud’s simple online web portal you can instantly verify that your production servers are replicated in the Doyenz cloud, ready to be restored in the event of an outage on-premise failure or disaster.

Key Features

  • Virtual networking for multiple servers available immediately on failover
  • „„rCloud integration with vSphere maintains backup continuity for virtual servers migrated among ESX hosts using vMotion
  • Secure, fenced-in virtual lab allows users to test software updates in a separate test environment prior to deploying these updates to the production environment

Key Benefits

  • „„Seamless continuity of operations when restoring failover servers from rCloud to your vSphere virtual environment „„
  • Replicate your production network using the virtual private network feature of Virtual Lab to test failover networking before disaster strikes
  • Failover recovery accomplished in the cloud in as little as 15 minutes „„
  • Simultaneous recovery for multiple servers so that you can restore your vSphere production environment with minimal downtime
  • Fenced network security with full port-forwarding for multiple failover servers

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