Getting Started with Doyenz rCloud

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Getting Started with Doyenz rCloud: Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for VMware vSphere

Author: David Davis, vExpert

Regardless of the scale and complexity of your organization’s IT infrastructure, availability of data and applications are requirements for continuity of your business operations. Disasters can cause unplanned downtime of IT systems ranging from minor interruptions to prolonged outages, and IT administrators are tasked with protecting the company from experiencing downtime or data loss through reasonable methods. However, a gap exists in current solutions for virtual environment recovery. Today, most forms of backup and disaster recovery are either antiquated (on the low end) or overpriced (on the high end). The best new options for recovery are “Disaster Recovery as a Service”, or DRaaS, solutions. The DRaaS approach makes recovery simple, easy and affordable for companies of all sizes. With the new Doyenz rCloud Agent for vSphere, backing up and recovering your virtual infrastructure is easier than ever. This whitepaper outlines step-by-step procedures for deploying the vSphere agent, backing up a virtual machine, and powering on a VM in a secure, dedicated virtual lab.

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