rCloud: What's new in rCloud 4

What's new in rCloud 4

rCloud 4 is the latest version of the our Innovative Cloud Based disaster recovery service.

rCloud 4 includes updated technology across the platform including a new Universal Architecture that is designed to support integration with almost any image based backup technology or hypervisor and provides Instant Recovery in the cloud.

rCloud 4’s universal architecture includes new agent, backup and restore technology.

The new Universal Agent is at the heart of rCloud 4. The core agent technology supports upload of changed blocks in a secure and proprietary format. These blocks can be provided by almost any image based backup software or Hypervisor through lightweight agent plug-ins that can be rapidly developed by the rCloud team.

The rCloud agent secures encrypts these blocks and replicates them using TLS 1.0. Once received at the rCloud data center the backups are immediately written as virtual disks that can be booted instantly in the secure rCloud recovery environment.

With rCloud recovery is Instant and easy

  • Simply log through the secure web application, using any browser, anywhere.
  • Select the machine you wish to recover and a recovery point up to 30 days old.
  • Select what kind of inbound or outbound connectivity you want to allow and click Start!

The rCloud’s unique automation platform does the rest.

  • 1. A virtual firewall will be dynamically provisioned to secure your machine and allow only the connectivity you have defined.
  • 2. Your machine will boot from the recovery point you specified.
  • 3. You can access the machine using the rCloud SSL secured VNC console or through traditional remote control technology.
  • 4. Now you are free to recover and boot more machines in your secure recovery network to get your entire business infrastructure running in the cloud.