Application Availability

Maximize application availability in the event of an outage

With rCloud, you can now leverage the power that rCloud offers to bring up an exact copy of your production environment. With state of art data centers you can rest assured that your  data is always in a recoverable state and applications are always available.

Beyond being able to replicate production servers, you have the ability to access your applications in rCloud. In the event of a total disaster you can, on demand, spin up the most recent backup of their server (whether it's a VMware vSphere image or a Windows physical server), recreate a local IP networking scheme, connect a VPN session back to local workstations, and access client/server applications from rCloud as if you were running natively, effectively making the geographic location of their servers irrelevant.

In the event of a disaster, gain quick access to applications including:

  • Exchange servers
  • SQL databases
  • Quickbooks

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