Doyenz Unveils Automated Virtual IT™, a Breakthrough in SMB IT

Bellevue, Wash.
February 09, 2009

Doyenz, Inc., the first company to deliver an end-to-end virtual appliance lifecycle management platform for the small to mid-sized business market, today announced the release of version 2.5 of its Automated Virtual IT™ platform. The new release of the Doyenz Automated Virtual IT platform brings several key capabilities to market, including Active Disaster Recovery, Failover in the Cloud, and support for Failsafe Migrations in the Cloud.

Proliferation of virtualization and cloud computing in the SMB is inevitable, and Doyenz is leading the way with Automated Virtual IT. It’s a managed service for VARs that leverages virtualization and cloud services to automate the delivery and management of IT infrastructure. A hybrid solution that acts as a bridge to the cloud for the SMB, Doyenz allows VARs to manage their SMB clients’ IT infrastructure either on-premise, or hosted in the cloud.

With Doyenz Active Disaster Recovery, backups are no longer just bits that collect dust in the cloud, but an active virtual appliance that can be used for failover, testing, and migrations. VARs can now configure, test, deploy, manage and restore servers in just minutes with Automated Virtual IT. Complex configurations and migrations can now take place completely in the cloud using a simple web browser and software systems will fail over automatically and run from the cloud in case of interruption.

"Through our partnership with Doyenz, we are offering customers new solutions that were previously not available,” said Grant Thompson of MG Technology Group. “These solutions provide IT service companies with management tools that allow them to operate more efficiently while delivering more consistent, higher quality IT services. The comprehensive disaster recovery solution finally brings recovery full circle with reliable, testable backups, local failover and the ultimate protection – failover in the cloud."

"Doyenz allows me to safely create and test servers before I deploy them. Whether it’s a brand new SBS 2008 server or complicated migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008, Doyenz offers me a way to do this without jeopardizing my client’s production deployment,“ said Dana Guppy of First Mile Services.

"Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the in-house expertise required to run their own IT infrastructure," said Justin Jaffe, Senior Analyst for SMB research at IDC." A managed service approach can make it simpler and more affordable for SMBs to take advantage of critical capabilities such as automatic failover and disaster recovery."

"We are very excited to announce our compelling capabilities of Active Disaster Recovery, Failover in the Cloud, and Migrations in the cloud," said Ashutosh Tiwary, CEO of Doyenz.

"These capabilities will allow VARs to provide True Disaster Recovery to their customer in minutes and significantly reduce the risk, cost, and downtime associated with migrations. Active disaster recovery gives VARs a virtual appliance in the cloud so they can collaborate with experts for online diagnostics and forensics in the cloud; without impacting their customer’s production environment. This brings enterprise class efficiencies to the SMB market, at a fraction of the cost. "Automated Virtual IT™ supports ESX and ESXi, with plans to support Hyper-V and Xen in the future. Doyenz is a certified VMware TAP program partner.

About Doyenz Inc.
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