Doyenz Receives 2009 SMB Excellence Award From Major Market Research Firm

November 17, 2009

Doyenz, Inc., the first company to deliver a virtualization and cloud-based managed service platform for providing Active Disaster Recovery, Failover in the Cloud and Migrations in the Cloud to the small and mid-sized business (SMB) market, today announced that it has been awarded IDC’s 2009 award for excellence in the SMB. The Doyenz ShadowCloud™ is a managed service platform that enables SMB IT Service Providers to leverage virtualization, cloud and automation services to deliver enterprise-grade IT to their SMB clients at affordable costs.

"Virtualization is changing the way users deploy, consume, and manage applications,” said Brett Waldman, Research Analyst at IDC. “However, SMB users have not taken advantage of virtualization en masse because these customers do not see the quick ROI that large customers typically do. Doyenz helps solve this problem with its ShadowCloud SaaS IT platform for SMB IT service providers that reduces management complexity and upfront capital expenditures, while adding additional services, like business continuity, previously unavailable to most SMBs."

Doyenz enables IT Service Providers to ensure “True” Business Continuity for the first time by replicating their SMB client’s production infrastructure in the cloud with the Doyenz Active Disaster Recovery and Failover in the Cloud service. In the event of a failure, the Doyenz ShadowCloud provides a production-ready image that can be run on-demand in the cloud within minutes. IT Service Providers can also use the latest production image to test, patch, upgrade, or migrate systems in the Doyenz Production-Ready Virtual Lab, giving them a breadth of cloud-based enterprise-grade IT capabilities.

The Doyenz platform is a hybrid solution that supports both physical and virtual environments supporting servers either on client’s premises or hosted in a third-party cloud. Thus Doyenz enables SMB to take full advantage of virtualization and cloud services safely, quickly and easily, without any hardware to buy or people to train. Leveraging these services, IT Service Providers can deliver high ROI enterprise-grade IT capabilities to their SMB clients while growing their recurring revenue streams and profits.

“We are really thrilled to be recognized by IDC as bringing excellence to the SMB”, said Ashutosh Tiwary, President and CEO of Doyenz. “We built the ShadowCloud platform from the ground-up to deliver on our mission to increase quality and efficiency of IT for the SMB. By bringing these next generation capabilities to market, we are finally enabling the SMB to benefit from enterprise-grade IT, but at a costs they can afford.”

Doyenz is one of 16 firms being recognized by IDC as bringing excellence to the SMB market.

About IDC SMB Excellence Awards
The IDC SMB Excellence Awards are granted to technology providers who in IDC's view are serving the SMB market in innovative ways, providing advanced technology capabilities to firms with fewer than 1000 employees. Nominees for the IDC SMB Excellence Award are evaluated on the basis of three key criteria: the creation of products and/or programs that specifically address the unique needs of SMBs; the business implications of these products or programs for the nominated firm; and the competitive impact of these products or programs. The award recipients are selected by IDC's SMB Research team in consultation with the IDC analysts that follow the relevant technology market associated with these products or programs..

About Doyenz Inc.
Founded in November 2007, Doyenz is a privately held software company operated independently by a dedicated team based in Bellevue, Wash. The company's mission is to provide cloud-based disaster recovery services that enable channel partners to do more with their clients' bits in the cloud. Visit or email to learn more.


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