Why Doyenz?

The market demand for innovative disaster recovery services continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate. Doyenz enables you to differentiate your service offerings and provide true cloud-based disaster recovery services to your clients.

Do more with your clients’ bits in the cloud.

We believe that partners want more options in the cloud. With Doyenz, you can move beyond just storing bits in the cloud. Now you can use the bits to virtually failover, keeping your clients up and running in the cloud while you get them up and running on-premise. Imagine the possibilities.

Features you can actually use.

We believe in creating features that partners are actually going to need in the day-to-day management of clients, not an endless list that will confuse you every step of the way. Backup to the rCloud®, test, migrate, restore. It’s simple, yet powerful.

Our partners are our stakeholders.

We would not be here if it wasn’t for our partners, and that’s why we are committed every step of the way to making our partners successful.

Our contracts are simple with no hidden fees.

Our contracts are written in language you can understand, and we’ll work with you to ensure you clearly understand the contract. Oh, and we’ll never hit you with hidden fees, so it’s easy for you to plan and calculate your monthly recurring profits.

We arm you with branded marketing material.

We understand our partners are not necessarily marketing experts and we have a bit of expertise in this area. To save you time and the hassle of creating your own material, we have you covered with customizable marketing material.

Partner support you can trust.

We recognize that you put your reputation in our hands every time you promote and sell the Doyenz service. We make sure that every employee at Doyenz knows this and we are standing by to support you when you need us.