What Our Customers Are Saying

“Arterian was using Backup & Disaster Recovery service from another vendor, but struggling with the feature set, reliability, flexibility, support, and cost of the offsite datacenter component of the solution. After much industry research, we were thrilled to find we could migrate our existing solution to Doyenz. Doyenz significantly improved on each of the items we were struggling with. In addition, we have started to utilize both LabTech and CharTec as vendors, and the integration between the various solutions has opened significant opportunities for both increased revenue and decreased costs through streamlined service delivery.“

– Jamison West, Founder and CEO, Arterian

"The Doyenz solution has drastically cut down on our labor hours and it has given us the peace of mind to know our clients’ Windows servers are safe and secure in the Doyenz cloud."

– Shane Swanson, Director of Operations, ARRC Technology