Partner FAQ

How do I join Doyenz’s Partner Program?

Getting started with Doyenz is easy. We have volume minimums that are required to get started to maximize your margin opportunities. At a minimum, as long as you have a TB of storage across your entire client base, you are ready to get started. Contact us at or through live chat. 

What commitment level is required of me?

We ask for a 12-month commitment to get started. Rest assured, as your usage increases with Doyenz, we’ll gladly reduce your costs over time, helping you maximize your margin opportunities and drive significant profits. We also provide many additional on-boarding services and resources to maximize your success.

What are the margin opportunities?

On average, our partners are making a 65% margin and are including the Doyenz service in their managed service offering. For partners who do not have a managed service offering, the Doyenz service is being re-sold with greater than 45% margins.

How do I train my team?

We believe that supporting our partners through the entire process is critical to the mutual success. To that end, we have developed technical materials and training for our partners.

Do you provide marketing materials?

Yes, we provide a variety of materials in Partnercloud that will assist our partners in reselling.