Safe Network Solutions Deploys Doyenz to Provide Clients with Quick Cloud Recovery

There is a second pair of eyes verifying our client backups. I can confidently go to the rCloud portal and check on a backup offsite at 3 am. That peace of mind is priceless.

Alan Sielbeck, Owner, Safe Network Solutions
Partner Profile: 

Alan Sielbeck and Garrison Strickland started Safe Network Solutions in 2006. SNS is a technology consulting firm, providing efficient and long-term solutions for small businesses in the Greater Nashville area. Through pro-active managed services, quarterly business reviews and technology roadmaps, they serve as a true “outsourced” CTO for their clients. This approach is cost-effective and generates revenue, which aligns appropriately with their clients’ values, business models and key practices.


SNS services multiple verticals using the Doyenz solution. Client-specific industries include healthcare, insurance, accounting & financial services, manufacturing & distribution, construction, retail, entertainment and religious organizations.


When Sielbeck stepped back to analyze their partnership with Zenith Infotech—the company's previous solution for backup and recovery—he found that they had invested significant non-billable time in maintaining their backup solution.

“We added up the total support costs, and while Zenith was the cheapest on paper, we had quite a bit of labor expense that needed to be considered,” he says. “We had a disproportionate amount of energy and time invested in backup management and verification, not to mention the negative impact on our team morale. As an owner, it’s hard to sleep at night when you have made a commitment to other business owners to provide backups, knowing they need extensive maintenance to continue operating as required.”

Sielbeck says his team could only dedicate so much time towards backup issues, and they were constantly trying to balance the importance of the backup maintenance with all the other client support they handled on a daily basis.

“When you’re educating clients that data backups are of vital importance to business continuity and system uptime is of vital importance to client satisfaction, the managed backup solutions need to run as smoothly as anything else on the network,” he says.

Additionally, Sielbeck found it difficult to tell clients that the solution was reliable when they were constantly going onsite to perform additional maintenance.

“We would show up onsite to take a new base image or perform hardware maintenance on a solution that was supposed to work without question,” he says. “Yet, I was constantly receiving notifications of failures.”

"It's not efficient to show up with a hard drive taking a base image copy, have to wait onsite for the copy to complete, and then perform unexpected hardware maintenance," Sielbeck continues. "Also, if data was corrupt, missing, or damaged offsite, the only solution was to pack up a SATA drive and ship it to the data center. That’s a very noticeable issue to the client, and in turn, the client questions how much work can actually be handled remotely.”


“The major benefit of the Doyenz solution is being able to send all seed data offsite, right from the start,” he says. “We were seeing turnaround times that took up to 6 or 8 weeks with Zenith.”

In some cases, Sielbeck says, the data wasn't even copied on the drives, so they’d have to send the drives back, putting the client another 6 to 8 weeks without the data securely offsite.

"If I do have an issue, I have a variety of recovery options with rCloud,” Sielbeck says. “I can provision the agents to hold all offsite data intact while uploading a completely new virtual machine to the cloud. This gives me additional reassurance should a failure occur while the data is being seeded offsite. That’s one of the nicest benefits of the Doyenz solution.”

With a couple configuration changes, Safe Network Solutions implemented the Doyenz solution seamlessly. SNS uses Connectwise for their professional services automation (PSA) integrated with LabTech for Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), ESET for Anti-virus and StorageCraft and Doyenz for backups.

“Doyenz has demonstrated a desire to work with the partners in all areas of our organization,” Sielbeck says. “With the flexibility of the Doyenz solution, you don't have to put in a full windows-server based BDR. I can satisfy some client’s recovery needs by simply maintaining an off-site copy of their data in the cloud. The Doyenz solution bridges that gap, which makes for a more affordable solution. We will often put in a basic NAS to collect the data locally and push the data to Doyenz from the NAS device. This is a better fit for those clients willing to wait a couple of hours for a full system restore.”

Implementation of Doyenz was easy. Safe Network Solutions installed the Doyenz agent to the server that was being backed up, and the rest was managed through the rCloud online portal.

“We on-boarded very quickly with the Doyenz solution. I would estimate we had upwards of 50 clients uploading at the same time once we were satisfied with the platform,” he says. “It was truly turnkey.”

Key Benefits: 

1. The ability to boot up the system and ensure the validity of the clients’ data.

2. With Doyenz, SNS can quickly perform trial deployments of custom hot fixes, service packs and other upgrades.

3. For high profile clients, the ability for Doyenz to always have the machine available in the cloud makes it easy to verify integrity of the data. After seeding the data automatically with a known data file on the volume, Safe Network Solutions will open the backup data and confirm that the contents of that file are the same as what the client put in them.

“We can easily log into the lab environment and boot up the backups to pull out the contents of a verification file,” Sielbeck says. “Now we don’t have to wait 5 to 20 minutes for that image file to build. We can simply go turn on three machines at a time, return to the portal once they’re online, grab the necessary data, and purge them once we’re finished for the day.”

4. Doyenz provides the security of a good support team.

“There is a second pair of eyes verifying our client backups,” he says. “I can confidently go to the rCloud portal and check on a backup offsite at 3 am. That peace of mind is priceless. If a backup fails, a notification from the Doyenz support team is automatically sent into our help desk. The alert clarifies if a backup didn’t run or is corrupted, and that too has been a great benefit.”

“Doyenz in general is very responsive to partner needs, and it’s obvious they strive to be a great partner as well,” he says. “The confidence and security I have working with such a responsive and dedicated vendor, aligns appropriately with SNS’s business goals. They’re continually trying to improve their solution and, in turn, improve the value of service to our clients.”

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Learn more about Safe Network Solutions by visiting the website. To become a Doyenz partner, email or call +1 877.341.7342.