How SASetech Leverages Doyenz and StorageCraft™ to Ensure Business Continuity for Venture Capital Firms

Doyenz has an attractive business model and smart pricing, orders of magnitude less expensive than anything that was possible to do previously. They've hit a sweet spot, and it's easy to sell to clients because it works.

Scott Solomon, founder and CEO, SASetech
Partner Profile: 

SASetech is an outsourced IT service provider based in the Bay area that focuses on the demanding industry segment of venture capitalist firms -- a vertical with high expectations but loyal to good IT service providers. The firms depend on continuous availability of their systems and are intolerant of downtime.


Venture capital firms in the Bay area


In 2008, SASetech’s clients started getting serious about business continuity and disaster recovery, asking questions such as “What would we do if there was a major earthquake in the Bay area and our office was destroyed?” and “How would our partners access the trading information of a hedge fund client, or access historical and legal documents of portfolio companies in the event of a catastrophe?”

Scott Solomon, founder and CEO of SASetech, started analyzing various solutions but realized there were few options for the SMB -- and most were financially unreasonable. To get the redundancy his clients needed he would have to invest in a second data center, replicate all hardware, purchase new software licenses for the new hardware, rent rack space and pay for complicated, expensive technologies to replicate their data center live -- at a price tag of $150,000 to $200,000, with an additional $50,000 in annual maintenance fees


Solomon was using StorageCraft™ and found that using Doyenz was an ideal complimentary solution for his clients. He now leverages the Doyenz rCloud® to replicate his client’s server environment.

“Doyenz is finally providing a service that until recently was not available,” Solomon says. “From a practical perspective, no small business can afford to lay out $150,000 to $200,000 to ensure their systems stay up and running.”

With rCloud® and StorageCraft™, Solomon can have his clients back up and running in just hours, as opposed to weeks with other solutions.

“What clients care about is time to recovery and how quickly they can get to their data,” he says. “Doyenz rCloud® provides a true data continuity solution. Their magic sauce is being able to take these server images and spin them up as VMs very quickly. They have automated the whole process—they just take care of it for you.”

Key Benefits: 

Solomon found that recovery times using Doyenz were far above the industry average.

“The bottom line is that Doyenz is delivering on what they are promising, which is why I’m happy to resell it, and why it has been an easy sell,” Solomon says. “It is the right thing for the client. But I am even happier knowing that if their office really did burn down, I have a solution I can count on. I sleep better; I literally sleep better at night.”

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