ARRC Technology Implements Doyenz to Resolve 63% Failure Rate with Previous Solution

The Doyenz solution has drastically cut down on our labor hours and it has given us the peace of mind to know our clients’ Windows servers are safe and secure in the Doyenz cloud.

Shane Swanson, Director of Operations, ARRC Technology
Partner Profile: 

Located in Bakersfield, Calif., ARRC Technology is a three-time listed Inc. 5000 company and Master Managed Service Provider. Founded 18 years ago, ARRC specializes in providing managed services; network design, installation, maintenance and support; telecommunications solutions; and voice and data structured cabling for small and mid-sized businesses. They currently support 177 clients on managed service agreements, and were named twice as a top 100 MSP by MSPmentor.


ARRC has implemented Doyenz’s cloud services for various SMB clients. To date, they have converted more than 80 Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) units to Doyenz, according to Shane Swanson, Director of Operations for ARRC.


ARRC was facing numerous issues with their implementation of a leading BDR hardware solution.

“Where do I begin?” Swanson says. “The previous BDR company would only accept data sent via hard drive. That was very time consuming to send someone out to each client’s site to take a base image. Most of our clients don’t have a large amount of data, either.”

Additionally, Swanson says the company would only allow one client’s data per hard drive sent offsite. “When you only have 40 GB of data, it’s a real waste of time to send a hard drive that is 10 times that size.”

ARRC’s issues with its previous BDR solution didn’t stop there.

“About three times a week, we would get a notification that something was wrong with one of our client’s offsite images and that we needed to take a drive out to the client’s site to recopy the base image,” he says. “It would take [their past BDR company] four to six weeks on average to copy the offsite data to their data center and send us the drive back.”

Out of BDRs deployed with the previous solution, ARRC reports that:

  • 63% failed on virtualization
  • 25% experienced hardware failure
  • 12% had no problems

During two years and of the 150 BDRs deployed with the previous solution, ARRC reports that it spent:

  • 411 hours resending base images
  • 376 hours in client downtime
  • 1,892 hours on repairs and virtualization

With their previous solution, ARRC was unable to confirm if their clients’ Windows servers would be available to use in a disaster.

“This was a huge concern, as there was a possibility that we could lose all of our clients data,” Swanson said.


Business continuity is “a non negotiable” for ARRC Technology. They have since converted over 80 BDR units to Doyenz and Swanson says that Doyenz has greatly helped in the following ways:

  • Offsite Windows servers via a secure Internet connection
  • Validate the backup chain once received at facility
  • Use cloud services including the virtual testing lab, which allows for testing prior to performing a major upgrade, and being able to virtualize in the cloud in the event an entire site has gone down
Key Benefits: 

“The key benefits in partnering with Doyenz include the unique solution that Doyenz has developed, which give us full control of managing our clients Windows servers; the amazing support we get from the entire team; and the financial risk we have been able to minimize knowing that our clients data is safe and secure,” Swanson says.

An added benefit has been developing a great relationship between ARRC and Doyenz and how they have been able to help Doyenz grow its technology.

“The Doyenz solution has drastically cut down on our labor hours to manage the offsite and it has given us the peace of mind to know our clients data is safe and secure offsite.”

Learn more about ARRC Technology at To become a Doyenz partner, email or call +1 877.341.7342.