Infographic: How Long Can Your Business Go Without Access to Critical Applications and Data?

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Statistics show that the majority of small businesses are not prepared to recover quickly from a disaster. IT systems are particularly susceptible to damage in a disaster scenario -- whether it's a fire that takes out an entire office or a server that goes down because of a faulty upgrade. Unplanned downtime can result in the loss of revenue, damage to your reputation as a business owner and in severe cases can cause a company to go out of business. 

Protect your business by developing an air-tight DR plan that takes advantage of advancements in cloud computing. In this infographic, we've identified 4 different areas where the cloud can improve recovery time objectives (RTO): Immediate Recovery, Recovery in Minutes, Recovery in Hours, and Recovery in Days. Each organization's RTO is unique; some businesses need immediate access to applications and data while others can stand to be down for a day without significant impact. 

Be sure to read the 5 key tips for incorporating the cloud into your disaster recovery plan. After all, what good is this information unless you can take action to protect your business? 

Disaster Recovery Infographic


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