A Guide to Preparing IT Systems for Disaster

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, we’ve seen firsthand the havoc a storm of this proportion can wreak on our infrastructure. While we can’t stop storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and the like from making groundfall, we can take steps to protect what many business owners have invested heavily in: IT infrastructure.

We’ve written about this topic frequently and wanted to pull together our top 5 business continuity and disaster recovery articles written by IT experts. Whether this is the first time you’ve started to research disaster recovery for IT systems, or you’re an DR expert, we hope you find this guide valuable in taking the proper steps to ensure when disaster strikes, you’ll be set up to get critical systems up and running again quickly and efficiently.

First we’ll set the stage with a primer on the differences between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, then look at the benefits of implementing DRaaS. Finally we’ll get into some of the specifics of backing up and recovering with Doyenz rCloud and leveraging the Virtual Lab as a tool to maximize uptime for your end users.

Your Guide to Preparing IT Systems for Disaster


Looking for more information on Disaster Recovery as a Service from Doyenz? Check out our introductory whitepaper: Getting Started with Doyenz rCloud [Free; registration required]

Photo by Leonardo Rizzi/Creative Commons via Flickr

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